VHS/ VHS-C Conversion Services

vhs to pendrive

We convert VHS/VHS-C (Compact VHS) into digital formats and mode of delivery would be as chosen by you. (You can choose in between Flash Drives or External/Internal Hard Drives or Solid State Drives, NAS (Network Attached Storage) and Cloud.

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Full details all the services offered

        • Conversion: Cassette conversion to modern digital format on high quality imported VHS Scanner in Standard Definition SD 480p with mono audio.
        • Transfer: We transfer the converted files to a high-quality Flash Drives (Pen drives) or External/Internal Hard Drives or Solid State Drives or Cloud (to any USB 3.0 device as per your choice).
        • Basic Clean: External solution and vacuum clean of the cassette tape before conversion to enhance the video conversion quality.
        • HD Conversion: Video output will be in High Definition HD (720p) The video will be a better version of the original video in cassette tape and there will be no change in the content (no editing).
        • Tracking Adjustment: We adjust tracking to avoid the tracking lines common in old tapes that would enhance the video quality.
        • Frame Rate Correction: We transfer your video at variable speed or fixed speed (1:1) as per the requirement.
        • Basic Corrections: We adjust brightness, contrast and colour.
        • HD TV Optimisation: After the conversion is complete we further tune and optimise the video and sound to best possible level for better Smart HD TV Viewing Experience with a professional software.
        • Stereo Audio: Your final video will have high quality modern Stereo Audio instead of old mono audio.
        • Noise Filtering: We tune out the noise disturbances in the sound by  our dedicated sound engineers in MATLAB software using Filters.
        • Live Adjustment: Our technician will be watching all of the video footage and will constantly tune parameters to bring out the best possible video each and every minute.
        • Live Updates: Regular status updates on bulk orders and early delivery.
        • Quality Check: Your order will be declared as complete after passing out stringent quality check on our 55 inch Smart High Definition TV where your video is verified thoroughly for any quality issues. You can read more on our safety and quality norms here.
        • Work Report: We will then send a soft copy of the detailed report on the work done.
        • Naming: Free naming of respective video files corresponding to original tapes.
        • Metadata: Free addition of metadata or ID3 Tags to the video (if information is provided).
        • Personalised Catalogue: Free digital copy of catalogue for bulk order that shows the list of video files converted linking to the original source tapes (for bulk).
        • Technical Support: Free technical support after delivery (till 2 days).
        • Professional Cassette Service & Repair: You can just give us a the tape reel, broken cassette, torn cassette, cassette without outer shell,  cassette in any condition and we will process it and make our best attempt to recover the footage. More information on the Cassette tape repair service can be found here.
        • Half Kilometre Tape Cleaning: The length of a VHS Tape is 500 metres (approximately) and we will clean every inch to remove fungus and other dust particles to enhance the video quality to the fullest. More information on the Cassette tape cleaning service can be found here.

We do not convert certain kinds of footage like copyrighted or prohibited material for more information on that, please read our Terms and Conditions which are applicable all the time.